Teaching & Learning

Our program includes live patient demonstration, hands-on courses, work-shops, literature review and videoconference with international researchers and clinicians.

The goal of our courses is to improving dentists’ skills and knowledge of clinical procedures in adhesive, biomimetic and aesthetic restorative dentistry.
The course is aimed at either young or established dentists who wish to learn and update protocols on biomimetic and aesthetic restorative dentistry.

Understanding of contemporary aesthetic biomaterials and improving skills in the application of clinical protocols allow the delivery of a better dentistry to the patient.
Learning more conservative options for the treatment planning of either simple or complex clinical cases help to increase patient’s acceptance of treatment plans.

The courses provide ample hands-on training through a combination of 50% lecture, treatment planning, literature review, and 50% hands-on training, live patient demonstration. Small class sizes provide a favorable teacher-to-student ratio.  Teaching is provided by Dr Deliperi and his colleagues; it is based upon a solid scientific background and validated clinical protocols.
As a graduated dentist from the SDTC, you will have access to mentoring by e-mail and SKYPE; you will also gain access to a private section of the web-site to download the most recent articles and view videos of Dr Deliperi clinical procedures. You can share your clinical cases and ask for some help on the treatment planning and clinical procedures.
Once you will be back to your office, you will never feel alone anymore!