The Sardinia Dental Teaching Center was founded by Dr Deliperi in 2012.
The goal of the teaching center is to promoting the art and science of restorative and biomimetic dentistry.

The SDTC is part of an international network including The Alleman-Deliperi Centers for Biomimetic Dentistry South Jordan, Utah USA & Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy which are considered the milestone for the foundation of the Academy of Biomimetic Dentistry (ABD).
The SDTC has a lecture room that accommodates 12 course participants. The center has a video camera in an operatory room that will project to a 55” 3-D LED /HD TV monitor located in the lecture room. The lecture room may be easily switched into a hands-on course room. Each table is equipped with a water cooled high-speed handpiece and air-water syringe.

The course facility is located in Cagliari, Sardinia (Italy).
Courses are usually given in the Spring, Summer and Fall time to give attendees the chance to experience the natural, historical and artistic beauties of Sardinia.

Dr Deliperi is glad to announce a new program at the Sardinia Dental Teaching Center.

We will give two different programs for the first time. The May program will be entirely dedicated to the anterior restorations; the September course will cover the posterior restorations only.

May 18 – 21

Live patient demo, hands-on courses and literature review on “Biomimetic Dentistry: the ADCR (Additive Direct Composite Restoration) in the anterior teeth”

September 14 – 17

Live patient demo, hands-on courses and literature review on “Biomimetic Dentistry: the ADCR (Additive Direct Composite Restoration) in the posterior teeth”

These programs will focus on the advantages of ultraconservative, additive and stress-reduced direct composite restorations. They will cover both the basics and the most advanced protocols in Biomimetic Dentistry.

This is the time to purchase your ticket for a life changing journey in dentistry!

Following the increasing interest in stress-reduced restorations by the international dental community (from JADA 2002 to Operative Dentistry Journal 2017), I am ready to lead our annual review at the Sardinia Dental Teaching Center. The 10-year success of stress-reduced restorations on structurally compromised vital and devital teeth will be presented. Attendees will learn tips and tricks through 8 different live patient demonstration sessions on both posterior and anterior teeth. The hands-on courses will allow dentists to replicate the step-by-step protocol.

I will teach you a different way of thinking and practice dentistry based on science! This is just not for your reputation; it is for your patients improved dental health.

Your patients do deserve the most conservative long lasting treatment possible.

1- Help your patients to maintain the residual sound tooth structure!

2- Avoid the placement of posts and crowns even in the most structurally compromised teeth!

3- Design your restoration to mimic the functional and aesthetic characteristics of the natural dentition!

4- Learn how to reduce the stress, increase the bond and maintain the seal overtime!

5- Learn how to replace dental crowns with biomimetic restorations!

6- Expand the application of biomimetic protocols to full-mouth rehabilitation, periodontology and implantology.

Please, do not miss this unique opportunity. Join us now!

Early bird registration March 12, 2020.