Bone and gingival regeneration

Bone and gingival regeneration


Fig. 1-2

Patient had a car accident with facial trauma and lost ohis anterior upper teeth form right to left first premolars.  The patient is wearing a removable partial denture; he referred he underwent to a previous bone graft surgery in an attempt to regenerate the missing bone structure following car accident and tooth lost.


Fig. 3

A severe tissue defect is particularly evident on the area of the central papilla. Please, note the redness of the gingiva due to inflammation and trauma from the removable prosthesis


Fig. 4

Soft tissue maturation eighteen months after Guided bond regeneration and 9 months after implant placement and soft tissue management. Gingiva is healthy with no inflammation


Fig. 5

Impression was taken and an eight-unit zirconia oxide based bridge was fabricated which was supported by four zirconia oxide abutments


Fig. 6

Final result following the connection of the four abutments with the osteointegrated implants and the cementation of a 8-unit full ceramic bridge. Please, note the perfect integration of the prosthesis with the adjacent teeth and gingival tissues.

Fig. 7

Pre and post-op x-ray showing the regeneration of the bone tissue between the two central incisors


Fig. 8

Final patient smile after completing the implantprosthetic rehabilitation. Patient is experiencing a sense of self-confidence and self esteem now.


Before After