Aesthetic Dentistry courses in Sardinia, Italy

Biomimetic Dentistry and Aesthetic Dentistry courses in Sardinia, Italy: fiber-reinforced direct composite restorations in anterior and posterior teeth, Testimonial Are you ready to explore all the potentials of fiber-reinforced composites? The course represents a unique opportunity to jump into the world of biomimetic and ultraconservative dentistry. Four days, four different levels of training to provide superior dental treatment to your patients and master the placement of Fiber-reinforced Stress-Reduced Direct Composite (FR-SRDC) restorations for anterior and posterior teeth! The FR-SRDC protocol is also known as the “wall-papering” technique in the literature (Deliperi et al. Operative Dentistry Journal 2017). You learn different fiber lay down protocols to be applied in different clinical scenarios. The goal is to mimic the functional characteristics of the natural dentition and reduce the stress when restoring structurally compromised vital and devital teeth. If you understand the science behind the preservation of ultra thin remaining cavity walls via fiber lay down protocols, you go prepless even in the most challenging clinical scenario with no need for shoeing a cusp anymore in 90% of the cases!