Additive Direct Composite restorations in anterior teeth

Biomimetic Dentistry and Aesthetic Dentistry courses in Sardinia, Italy: Additive Direct Composite restorations in anterior teeth, Testimonial How do you like the idea of going prepless in most of your anterior case? The program reviews the Stress-Reduced Direct Composite (SRDC) protocol on anterior teeth. Dr Deliperi teaches clinical guidelines to mimic the optical characteristics of the young, adult and mature dentition in the cervical, middle and incisal third of the tooth for the restoration of Class IV cavities, diastema closure and composite veneers. You learn the 3D meticulous management of the body, dentin, translucent and enamel shades to achieve both color integration and vitality (color depth) of the restoration in the incisal third (Deliperi. Journal of aesthetic and Restorative Dentistry 2011). The hands-on sessions allow clinicians to become familiar with a predictable composite layering technique for the restoration of both vital and devital teeth including those resistant to bleaching. You learn how to mask the tooth discoloration through a prepless approach. Dr Deliperi likes to have a 1:5 instructor-attendee ratio to provide a high quality teaching. This has been considered one of the keys for the big success. Some people do love coming back again and again to learn the most updated clinical protocols including those protocols not yet published in the dental literature.